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We were parked right beside Hawk One at HZ & were there when he left for QM & QB on Sunday. I had just finished my airshow at AW - (see photo gallery). The box was a very small 3500 ft at AW - I had to enter at 1000', dive for centre stage to 100' minimum & depart the box at 1000' so mostly I did 4 or 5 closed patterns - they seemed happy with it.



We waited until Wed late afternoon to depart HZ for Gatineau (ND) because of wx - at 12,500' we were clear of most of the wx & just had to dodge a few build-ups enroute. Vintage Wings was holding its annual airshow/fly-in 18 Sep at ND. I took Mike Potter, the owner of Vintage Wings, up for his first jet flight on Friday (he flies most of his WW2 fighters - Spitfire, Hurricane, P-51 - don't think he flies the F4U Corsair) - he wrung out the bird & loved it. Think he'll be having me back with 577 in the spring for more training as he'd like to fly Hawk One himself. 


My formation flight yesterday with Hawk One went perfectly - we didn't have a chance to practice so we worked it out on paper & flew it, with me leading. He had to do most of the hard work but we got glowing comments. The Sabre & T-33 haven't been flown in formation for many years (nor had I led an airshow formation in almost 29 years!). We did 2 banking passes - canopy & belly - & then a low battle break with Hawk One in echelon breaking first over me, then me - apparently it looked great. There should be photos available soon.


There was a Battle of Britain flypast in Ottawa this morning (flying out of ND) with 2 CF-18s, the Mynarski Lanc, a Hurricane, P-40, F4U Corsair, P-51, Harvard - the Spitfire went u/s yesterday & wasn't fixed - you'd have loved the sound & sight.


Today was sunny & clear so I put Derek (577's owner's son who was travelling with me) in the front seat & he flew it from Gatineau to Kitchener, then did 4 circuits. His landing was good though we used all of the 7000' runway to stop. His proud Dad (also the owner of the plane) was just beaming when we parked. Derek only has a private license but he flies the bird well - he listens to what I tell him & hasn't developed any bad habits yet.


They've just bought a dual Vampire (ex-Swiss AF) in Rhode Island - it should be delivered mid-Oct. The plan is for Larry & me to check-out on it & fly it next airshow season along with the T-33.