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The JAM Oct/Nov Newsletter


I had reprints done of this May 1943 photo of WMT Sr., age 29 (taken at the wireless W.E.T.P school at Galt, ON – assume he went to RCAF Stn Tofino BC after that). Needless to say, the photo is colourized (popular at the time) as there was no colour photography then. I have the original photo but these reprints are better as I was able to crop the rough edges.


You’ll note the VU-32 T-33 038 at the Shearwater Air Museum in the JAM article. I used to fly 038 – see attached photo from Bermuda, May 1971. The radops were black or red & we towed them (one at a time) 10,000’ behind us, and 1000’ lower, with piano wire for the ships to shoot at. On occasion the shells came closer to the plane than the radop!