Wm Turbo Tarling


12,956 Hours

Captain Tarling retired from the Canadian Forces in 1982 when he reached Compulsory Retirement Age.

In his air force career he amassed 11,645 flying hours in 50 different types of aircraft, including 28 jets in the RCAF/CF

Turbo's Hangar


Fifty Thousand Feet

PateThe CF-100 could fight at 50,000 feet but it had to be flown with care – with an indicated speed of 168 knots there was little margin between the stall and the limiting speed of Mach .82; 20 degrees of bank was the maximum that could be sustained without loss of speed or height; the autopilot gave the best results



Voodoo" The government announced that the RCAF would replace its aging CF-100s with sixty-six “gently-used” ex-USAF McDonnell F-101 Voodoos. The F-101 Voodoo was a big, supersonic century-series interceptor aircraft.




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